Knowledgeable Nebraska Attorney Handles Agricultural Law Matters

Dedicated law firm assists with property, regulatory and contract issues relating to farms, ranches and other agricultural businesses in the O'Neill area

Operating a farm presents unique legal challenges in addition to the issues that apply to other businesses. At Strope Law PC, LLO, I have ample experience serving the needs of small and large agricultural clients in the O'Neill area and throughout Nebraska. I understand the unique pressures you face in a business affected by environmental factors. Whether you require assistance with regulatory requirements, property rights or any other type of agricultural law matter, I can help you accomplish your objectives and preserve your livelihood.

Skilled lawyer provides comprehensive support to farmers and ranchers

Providing effective legal assistance to agricultural clients involves proficiency in many different practice areas. At Strope Law PC, LLO, I represent clients in Nebraska and surrounding areas in a wide range of relevant agricultural law matters, including:

  • Issues relating to permitted land uses and zoning
  • Water rights and access to irrigation
  • Labor concerns including work conditions, wage disputes and the hiring of seasonal employees
  • Compliance with regulations established by the U.S. Department of Agriculture
  • Rules relating to the use of herbicides and pesticides on crops
  • Contract drafting, negotiation and enforcement
  • Real estate transactions, including leases and easements
  • Animal welfare provisions
  • Insurance and finance arrangements
  • Worker safety rules
  • Large equipment transactions and maintenance contracts

No matter what type of agricultural matter you need legal assistance with, I have the skill, experience and local knowledge to offer sound counsel to protect your business.

Strong advocacy for agricultural clients of all types

Agricultural law comprises a vast array of issues, from matters stemming from infrastructure and environmental issues to those involving labor, marketing, farming rights, and agricultural processing concerns. An attorney handling this area of law needs to have a depth and breadth of knowledge to fully represent such a diverse client base. At Strope Law PC, LLO, I understand that, depending on the type of agricultural business you are involved in, I may be called upon to handle issues that range from animal safety to trade and commerce. And as agribusinesses continue to evolve in response to modern technologies and processes, I am committed to staying current on trends in specific areas, such as biotechnology and hydrology, that affect my clients. No matter what type of legal matter you bring to my firm, I deliver high-level representation and exceptional service designed to protect your ranch, farm, processing plant, or other agricultural enterprise.

Contact a skilled attorney for professional counsel regarding an agricultural law concern in Nebraska

At Strope Law PC, LLO, I provide experienced representation to agricultural clients throughout Nebraska in legal matters involving their farms, ranches, and other businesses. I will work diligently to help you obtain a positive result. To schedule a consultation at my O'Neill office, call me at 402-961-1038 or contact my firm online.